Giesinger Bräu

ENGLISH: Brewery Tour Giesinger Bräu Lerchenau in Englischer Sprache

Brauereiführung Giesinger Bräu Lerchenau

A brewery tour in 3D that is anything but ordinary awaits you in the north of Munich.

Experience the most modern brewery in Bavaria at first hand. What was it like back in the garage? Why is the Sternhagel called lǝƃɐɥuɹǝʇs? Why only now a true Munich brewery? Wiesn? How deep is the deep well? How does a beer taste like that comes directly from the tank or is made from over 10,000 years old water? Enter the amazing world of Giesinger Bräu at its new location. Let yourself drift along for 60-90 min and end up at the beer counter.

Your invoice will be your admission ticket. Please bring it with you as printed or digital copy.

Please arrive 20 min before tour start for organizational purposes. No worries, beer is always cold. =)

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35,00 €
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Included: A tour of the production facilities, the bottling plant, the beer hall and the "oh my God!" of the Giesing deep well. Water sample from the deep well, where is that already? 2-3 beers with pretzels - eh klar! and 1-2-3 good mood.

Special appointment requests or tastings by email:

PS: Attention, new plant in Detmoldstr. 40, not Giesing!

See you soon - bring a big thirst with you - otherwise it's unbearable - by the way, the bar is open for everyone on days with tours until 21:30 :)

PS: For safety reasons, we reserve the right to exclude heavily intoxicated persons from the tour.

Cancellation conditions 7 days before no cost, after that 100%.

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